Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beast Master Benefit - Saturday, March 10th from 3-10pm

This March we are dedicating and committing the venue, to our good friend Andrew Gatley also know as the

Beast Master . Andrew popped into my little world summer of 2008. He was introduced to me by a friend who I had met through another friend, and that's usually how that story goes. However unlike most typical hellos nice to meet you.There comes a time when you meet someone who's the person you were waiting to come to your rescue. In my case it was from that big building you just leased and got yourself into, without knowing what the hell you were doing. Yes folks that's how it all began, I didn't know what was next from  day to day trying to figure out how to get this place looking good. Andrew was a blessing when it came down to needing some miracle worker to help finish what we started. He "volunteered" everyday that summer to come and help, and I quote him "fix The spot" . We managed with what we could and he made this happen, he didn't charge me nothing but maybe a cold beer and some BBQ after a hard days of work. There's not many people who are like  Andrew and do what he did for me , and I thank you my friend. You are true friend and I could never repay him for helping me accomplish a goal and task without asking anything in return. Friends just don't come by like this to often or at all. 

 Beast Master as rough as that might sound is actually the complete opposite. The nickname, I'm not sure who's to thank for giving it to him, but it has the meaning of a person who's in touch with nature, animals, hard work, and a positive outlook on the most difficult of situations. Keeping the composure for the group if you will. Always ready to give a lending hand without expecting anything in return. These are just a few of many things I can say about this man who has  so many people, who care and want to help him in his time of need. Empire Seven Studios couldn't exist without the help of our friend andrew and we're trying to help him with anything possible. Please friends is you have a painting or photo ,sculpture, we'll be happy to accept. All proceeds will be going to andrew gatley for legal costs. 

This opening reception will be on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 from 3-10pm. 

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