Thursday, May 27, 2010

SubZERO Festival

We're excited to announce that we'll have a booth at the upcoming SubZERO Festival
Please come by and say hello!
First Friday, June 4th

Friday, May 21, 2010

"DIRTY HANDS" in SF....must see!

We went to see this movie last Fall and it's back again with some slight changes to the movie. It was a
great movie to see when it first came out and even better to go see for a second time. We're planning to go
up this weekend to SF to check it should too! If you haven't seen it, please go support.
For more info, please visit:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Art Party 2010

Thanks to our friends and supporters, Anne Sconberg and Mark Henderson, we were able to showcase Empire Seven Studios' 2010 line up of VERY talented artists!

This successful event brought Empire Seven Studios to a whole new crowd of art supporters!

Thank you again Anne and Mark!

Jen and Carlos

San Jose!
Works by our Citadel artist friend, Matteo Serna
Art Part wondering

Empire Seven Studios merchandising

E7S space at the Art Party 2010

Kate Saturday (currently showing at E7S until May 31st)

Roan Victor (currently showing at E7S until May 31st)

Abraham Menor (upcoming at E7S in June)

Beau Roulette (upcoming at E7S in July)

Neto (upcoming at E7S in August)

Iban Brizuela(upcoming at E7S in August)

Sean Boyles (upcoming at E7S in September)

BEANS (upcoming at E7S in October)

James Vidal (upcoming at E7S in November)

Pellet (upcoming at E7S in December)

Ken Davis (2009 past artist)

Roan helping paint the title wall for our space at the Art Party

Drown In Details

Working with Roan and Kate has been inspiring, refreshing and most importantly great company!

They've worked so hard for our first show of 2010 and it was a great outcome of support last Friday. Thank you everyone for showing up.

For those who were unable to make it, please contact us to see this show.

DROWN IN DETAILS will be up until May 31st!

Jen and Carlos

Kate and Roan giving feedback on each other's work.
Roan Victor
Kate Saturday's work area

Roan adding final details to her amazing painting!
Still life

My paintings (Jen) while hanging out with Roan and Sean
Sean and I were watching a Kung Fu movie dubbed in Wu Tang!

Shoes at E7S

Some photos from last month's Art Night: SHOES

Shoes painted by Jennifer Ahn
King 157 limited edition painted shoe

Roan Victor drawing of shoes painted by Jennifer Ahn

Zombies at E7S

Come join us for Zombie art night at Empire Seven Studios this Thursday night.
Bring your art materials, take a seat and enjoy a free movie viewing of Zombieland while we paint, sketch, and create zombie themed pieces.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There will be a world premier of new film work by our amazingly talented friend Spencer Keeton Cunningham and Erlin Geffrard, Tuesday May 4th @SFAI lecture hall, 800 chestnut st. the show starts @ 730pm... and work will be screening with other artists and filmmakers. Also there will be a preview screening of a new film about George Kuchar entitled "Upheaval"