Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Art Party 2010

Thanks to our friends and supporters, Anne Sconberg and Mark Henderson, we were able to showcase Empire Seven Studios' 2010 line up of VERY talented artists!

This successful event brought Empire Seven Studios to a whole new crowd of art supporters!

Thank you again Anne and Mark!

Jen and Carlos

San Jose!
Works by our Citadel artist friend, Matteo Serna
Art Part wondering

Empire Seven Studios merchandising

E7S space at the Art Party 2010

Kate Saturday (currently showing at E7S until May 31st)

Roan Victor (currently showing at E7S until May 31st)

Abraham Menor (upcoming at E7S in June)

Beau Roulette (upcoming at E7S in July)

Neto (upcoming at E7S in August)

Iban Brizuela(upcoming at E7S in August)

Sean Boyles (upcoming at E7S in September)

BEANS (upcoming at E7S in October)

James Vidal (upcoming at E7S in November)

Pellet (upcoming at E7S in December)

Ken Davis (2009 past artist)

Roan helping paint the title wall for our space at the Art Party

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