Monday, March 26, 2012

Street Artist: The Trucker. Solo exhibit at E7S

Owner Juan Carlos Araujo sits and discusses some of the plans for the upcoming show with The Trucker at Empire Seven Studios , here's a little bit of an interview / conversation.

Interview with The Trucker by JCA

JCA: How long have you been The Trucker? 

TT: i've been drawing since I was a kid. Began my relationship with graffiti in the early 90's. Never actively took on the roll as the Trucker till now but I've been doing the trucks since 95ish.

JCA: Do you have or want to use a biography for the show?

TT: Naw. I wanna keep it simple. I don't want my name to be in it. I wanna emphasize on the truck being more of a symbol than a logo.

JCA: What is it your saying with your trucks?

TT: The sidenote with it has always been "keep on truckin", which was picked up by the R.Crumb doc, but the influence is drawn more from idea than the illustration itself because the truck looks nothing like his long striding character. I'm a fan of illustration and symbolism and font work and logos and thats what I want this show to admit.

JCA: I didn't know that.

TT: Nobody does. I just made that up right now. but it makes sense right? Kinda like "just kidding...but really". I don't even want my name involved. I just wanna keep it simple. Less is more. no space fillers. that kinda feel. 

JCA: I remember watching you draw and make a label on the 26 line on the spot and post it, that was a long time ago man. 

TT: Ya it's been a while now. 

JCA: Well so what's it going to be?

TT: What?

JCA: The bio for the show? 

TT: Why don't I just look up the definition of "symbolism" and see what It says. 

JCA: *I wait while he researches the word, when he almost jumps out his seat.

TT: " awwwe yeaaah! , Listen to this, this is it man, this is perfect, this is exactly what I want to say: 

sym·bol·ism [sim-buh-liz-uhm] noun
1. the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character."

JCA: Wow man that's exactly what you were telling me, it sounds the same. 
Even before you looked it up.

TT: I know right? Boom. Thats whassup. Lets run with it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beast Master Benefit show recap

Words from Beast Master
"Thank you to everyone who made it out to the show! It was an awesome night, and it really does help to see how much everyone cares. I love you all, and can't thank you enough".

The last day of the show is Sunday, March 25 and there's still artwork available at affordable prices. We'll be open this Wednesday and Friday from 6-9pm and by appointments.