Sunday, October 17, 2010

BEANS....Stay Home

For those who came out to support last week, thank you! It was a great show by BEANS. If you were not able to make it, there's still plenty of time so don't forget to stop by.

Beans will be at Empire Seven Studios creating new work for the duration of his show.

operating hours are from 6-10pm Fridays and Saturdays until November 20th.

Closing reception will be Friday, November 26th.

The Ahn Sisters
Monesha of Black and Brown and great friend Micah

DJ Hip Kast Rock, myself and Danielle
Prices are as low as $5....come check them out!

TACO Truck, Puerto Escondido

The small works are one of a kind paintings for $20....come buy one while still available!

Paintings are $30 and spray can ball (over 150 cans) for $100