Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PMS Opening night....girls represent!

We want to thank everyone who came out last Friday to the PMS show. It was huge turnout and such a fun night. Below are photos from that night. There's still lots of great artwork for sale. The show is up until January 31st so don't forget to stop by. 

Thank you to the artists for working so hard to deliver an amazing show. 

*Stayed tuned for photos of some of the artwork*

Early into the night..

Four of PMS Artists: Nancy Ahn, Anabella Pinon, Frances Marin and Jennifer Ahn

Nguyen family enjoying an evening of art. 

Matthew Siegel and Diane catching up.

Artwork by Frances Marin

Bob getting ready to spin some records

Yumi (aka DJ Coco) and Bob showing off their nice jackets!

Veronika, Lynn, Rita and Sunny

The night slowly picking up...

Mercedes Dandrea and Jennifer Ahn

Matt & friends

Diane documenting for her new video projects

From SF, lovely Becca chillen with Bff- Val

Lacey Bryant and Matt Seigel

Salas family

Frances talking about art

Ray Stevens II dropped in two give us a thumbs up!

Anabella aka DJ Hells Bells (and one of PMS artists)

Danielle Wohl and Mr. Wohl

Karina Chavez hanging out

The rest of the night continued...

Emma and PMS artist Jessica Eastburn

Jessica, Kyle Pellet, and Lacey

Joel and CLOUT in the building

Nancy Ahn with some co-worker friends

Elena Carrasco and Alysa Graciano

Berto, Chloe and friends

Brian Eder and Photographer Abe Menor


Reppen, High Gloss, ODMD, Breezy, Clout Magazine

Alysa and Frank Graciano

Dinner break for the DJ

Ones & Twos

Vu, Bob, Frank and Jared

Sean Boyles and Roan Victor

Big "E"

Sean and Manik

Mayor Dan Diggity catching up with old friends

Peace to ladies and pabst

Outside the Empire, overlooks Japantown

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