Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opening reception for Sean Boyles...10 Years of his work!

Many thanks to DJ Cutso for tearing it up Friday night!
Music was so hyped and people enjoyed it all night!
Sean's uncle and mom! Showing the family support!
Carlos and his cousin's newborn son. There's nothing like his first art show! Yeah!
Kathyrn Funk and Roan. Many thanks for Kathryn's continued support of Empire Seven Studios!

Friends of E7S showing love!

Many thanks to the taco truck that came out and had the best food! The night before, Carlos and I were driving around San Jose in search of a taco truck (since the one we had secured flaked on us).
Needless to say, we found this one on 7th and Keyes!
Carlos and Steve Caballero....both Sean and Steve are a part of the ARTSPROJEKT of Zazzle:
Click here for link:

Me and Monesha

Yuki and Nancy! Thanks for all your help!
Thank you everyone for coming out last Friday! It's was a great turnout with much success!
If you haven't come out yet, you have until Sept. 30th.
You don't want to miss this show! Great art at AFFORDABLE prices!

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